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statement of purpose

I can't quite articulate why I started this weblog, other than the perennial "it seemed like a good idea at the time". For the time being, it is meant to be an online journal of my impersonal thoughts. It's no LiveJournal, no "what I did today", but more "what I've been thinking about today if I could find the energy to write it all down."

Expository writing is something that I'm fairly good at. Writing is something that I don't do nearly enough of. Maybe this is just a way of attempting to keep me in the habit, via the means that come most easily.


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Dan Sohl:

I thought your other entry interesting, especially as I have not read either of the books in question. I now do intend on reading both... at some point...

But that's not why I'm writing here. (If it were, I'd reply to the other post!) I'm curious on two points: 1) Why a separate blog from your LJ, and 2) Why Movable Type? I speak as someone who has seriously considered doing likewise, and I'm curious to know your motivations on both points...


1) I guess I wanted somewhere new to shape an identity, and moreover an identity that isn't as tied to the daily trivia of my life. I discussed it a bit over there as well.

2) I had originally not wanted to use MT because it has so many configuration options and I didn't want to be bothered setting them up. Eventually I caved, because the pre-configured stuff I found on the other blogging software just irritated me. Eventually I'll get around to giving this the stylesheet makeover it deserves. But first I have to learn CSS...

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Posted on May 26, 2006 7:40 PM.

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